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Five Ways to Mix Vintage into Your Wardrobe

Virginia FrancesComment

If you haven't yet watched the segment I did for New Day Northwest, check it out here. The tips below are an elaborated version of my talking points from my conversation on the show. 

  1. Trend reversal. While I always encourage moving away from fly by night fashion trends, a good place to start incorporating vintage to your closet is to look at what’s trendy now and get the true vintage version of that. After all, today’s trends are usually just a re-run or spinoff from the past. The 70s are currently in, so start there. 
  2. Accessories! Add a vintage necklace, handbag, scarf, hat, necktie, etc. Mix it with something simple and modern and you’ve just added a little fun (and piece history) to your look. 
  3. Modernize the vintage piece. For example, remove those god forsaken monster size shoulder pads from that dress or shirt from the 80s. And, don’t wear both pieces of a two-piece suit at once. Wear them separately and pair them with something modern on the top or bottom.
  4. Fit is key to any look, vintage or modern. Vintage fit can be tricky though. Learn what decades of style fit with your body type. You can always have something altered if you need to.  I don’t recommend buying vintage clothing online to start. Go into a shop to get a feel for what eras fit you best. When you have a real sense of what styles you love on your body, take your measurements and have them handy so that you can compare them to the measurements listed for items in online vintage shops. 
  5. Get inspired! Follow bloggers or instagrammers (like yours truly). Watch old TV shows or movies- I loved watching Downton Abby for inspiration (so sad it's over!). Nerd out over vintage fashion magazines. Most of all, keep your eyes/mind open, inspiration is everywhere!

The photos above feature the outfit modeled in the New Day Northwest segment by model #3, the most beautiful Nhi Tran.  I ran out of time to talk about the entire outfit so I thought I'd feature it in this post. Nhi is wearing this beautiful rust colored 1970s trench from Life Long Thrift Store in Capitol Hill where all proceeds support services to people living with HIV/Aids and other chronic illness. Under the jacket, I paired a modern fitted tee with a pleated skirt from the 70s, boots inspired by the early 1900s, and a 1960s gold necklace. A perfect way to add some vintage style to your wardrobe.  

Behind the scenes at King 5 New Day Northwest.

Behind the scenes at King 5 New Day Northwest.




Vee Pro Tip: Let your shoes inspire you

Virginia FrancesComment
If you are going to splurge on one thing you wear, be it shoes.  Shoes are the catalyst to incredible outfits.

Vintage or not, of everything I buy I am most thoughtful about what I put on my feet. They must be comfortable. They must be well-made. And they must make me very happy when I look down at them. 

The outfit above was inspired by the shoes (close-up photo below). The pastel blue and distinctly pointed toe lead me to choose the wide legged peach-colored pants, which then lead me to select the white and yellow striped duster (also known as the 1970s Sunshine Duster now available in my shop *wink*). The white vintage sunglasses just topped off the look perfectly. The more unique and colorful your shoes are, the more they inspire incredible new outfits! John Fluevog is my favorite shoe designer for this reason. Fluevogs are always innovative and sometimes edgy, never lack incredible color options and do not follow traditional fashion trends each season. Let's just say that John Fluevog might be my spirit animal. 

A personal note on these particular blue shoes: I sort of knew all along that I wanted to wear Fluevogs on my wedding day. But as usual, I was open to fate. Working downtown Seattle I often walk past JF on my lunch break "just to look". Well this one day I walked by and I spotted these beauties in the window and my heart skipped a beat. You guys, it was the first day they were put on the sales floor- they weren't even online yet! (And, they are named Vivian! I'm a sucker for 'V' names for obvious reasons.) So.... I listened to my heart, went inside, tried them on......gave it the ole' time test....and bought them a week later. At that point my wedding was still 8 months away. I just couldn't stand for them to sit in the box until then, so I've been wearing them around the house, and for photo shoots :)