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The Crown

7 Modern TV Shows for Vintage Style Inspiration

Virginia FrancesComment

I grew up on Nick At Nite. Mostly because my parents were super protective of what our developing little minds consumed and they could really only vouch for the shows they grew up watching. We were strictly a G-rated household and that meant I was totally out of the loop on all the hit 90s shows my friends were talking about: Friends, Buffy, Dawson’s Creek- I had no flipping clue! The plus side though was the vintage fashion schooling I gained at a very young age which has influenced me to this day. I can thank the Bradys, Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore for much of my own sense of style. And I suppose I really have my parents to thank for that. 

While I still watch old movies and tv shows for inspiration, the last few years of modern television have been an incredible time for period-based storytelling and the amazing wardrobe that comes with it. Below are my top seven new(ish) shows for vintage fashion inspiration (in no particular order). These also happen to be some of the greatest productions featuring strong female leads and for that reason too they are some of my all time favs <3

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (1958)


2. GLOW (1980s)


3. The Crown (1947-1964) 


4. Mad Men (March 1960-November 1970)


5. Downton Abby (1912-1926)


6. Stranger Things (1980s) 


7. Godless (1880s)  


The Therapeutic Art of Mending

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I’ve learned so much since I set out on this venture into the vintage clothing world. What I didn’t fully anticipate was the insane amount of time I would spend preparing items for the racks. Every item I sell is professionally dry-cleaned or hand/machine washed by yours truly. I’ve revived some amazing vintage pieces, eliminating the 40-60 years of wear, smell and stains. I'll just go ahead and state the obvious: don’t wear vintage without a proper cleaning. Even if it “looks clean” or “doesn’t smell too bad” it’s probably extremely filthy. I’ve soaked items multiple times that resulted in dark brown water (and a god awful smell permeating the room) within seconds. Yeah…don’t wear that shit. Then there’s the sewing. You wouldn’t believe the number of rips, tears, snags, moth holes, etc. that I’ve repaired in the last year. I now have quite the selection of thread colors, sewing needles, and vintage buttons as a bonus. Then there's the de-pilling, the replacing of buttons, zipper, snaps, etc. The list just goes on. The truth is though, this entire process, while tedious, has become a bit of a therapeutic art form for me. 

Like many of you, I've been feeling really down lately. On top of my usual winter blues I’ve felt the heavy weight of the election results and it’s been hard to feel hopeful about the future (although yesterday’s news of the Dakota Access Pipeline being denied was a bit of a boost). So, I’ve been staying in more than usual, keeping warm by the fireplace, and staking claim on the couch with my pile of imperfect garments, needle and thread in hand, carefully tackling them piece by piece.

The act of renewing something flawed and giving life to something old with my very own hands has given me comfort and even a little hope. Some evenings I’ll sew the night away listening to music (the new Head and the Heart is currently on repeat). Other nights I’ll binge watch a show without feeling quite as guilty because hey, at least I’m being productive. I finished the first season of The Crown* while repairing about a dozen vintage sweaters. Now I'm on to the new Gilmore Girls (OMG!), tackling perhaps my biggest challenge yet.

The sweater above is from the 1970s. There are a total of 8 moth holes (two of them I can fit my hand through) and at least three will require multiple colors of mending yarn. I found the sweater on my GREAT VINTAGE ROAD TRIP this past Summer and it’s been sitting at the bottom of the “to be mended pile” since because it just seemed too daunting to deal with. If the post-election weeks have awoken me to anything its that we must accept the hardest challenges coming our way and face them head-on and armed with the right tools to revitalize what’s good and true in the world. So, I'm ready. I’ll be armed with my needle and thread and I’ll show that moth whose boss and give that sweater the life it deserves! And…I’ll take that lesson to heart because humanity is precious and we’ve come too far to give up now. Together, we must mend what's been broken.

Tools for mending your clothes: Fix Your Clothes by Raleigh Briggs

*A few thoughts on The Crown: 1) John Lithgow better win an Emmy! 2) The actress playing young Queen Elizabeth II looks EXACTLY how the actress playing the older Queen Elizabeth II would have looked at that age! 3) THE CLOTHES!!! *swoon*