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Discovery Park

Happy Earth Day!!!

Virginia FrancesComment

Happy Earth Day, Friends! We made it yet another year without destroying the planet. Congratulations....I guess

Those of you who know me personally know that I recently made a switch with my "day job" that has allowed me to work less (more time for Vee Vintage, YAY!!!) and has physically moved me from a cubicle on the 56th floor of the 2nd tallest building downtown Seattle to working literally and figuratively on the ground at the most beautiful park in the City, Discovery Park.  For the last two years I'd been feeling what I suspected were the impacts of the daily urban grind and it wasn't until my first day on the job at Discovery a few weeks ago that I realized just how much of an impact downtown cubicle life was having on me. When I arrived at the park that first day, I got out of my car, excited to begin this new chapter, and low-and-behold I heard nothing but birds, smelled nothing but fresh forest air and took a long deep breath, almost bursting into tears at how in touch with the earth I felt. And now, the 2.5 days that I'm there each week feel like such an incredible gift. Every sense of me feels more whole. I can think clearly, my body feels lighter, brilliant ideas seem to come easier, and I just feel good. 

You guys, natural environments and real life experiences in nature are critical, for humans and animals alike***. In a society that is increasingly more logged-in than ever we cannot take Earth (in real life) for granted. You can read more of my thoughts on sustainability related to vintage fashion on my homepage. But for now.....turn off your computer, phone or whatever futuristic device you're using to read this and go outside, even if for only a minute. Breath deep. Listen hard. Just be.

Photo by Wild Rosemarie <3 


***Have you seen Planet Earth II yet? It's pretty amazing I just might watch it again today. My fav part is where the bird steals the heart. The ending is really great too!