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‘Rainbow Bright’ featuring The Red Hat in Longview, WA

Virginia FrancesComment

This photo was taken over 2 years ago. Our front door hadn’t been painted red yet and I was still a bit camera shy. I was feeling awkward about posing. Not sure what to do with my hands, feet, face, etc. I had this wig laying around and decided that if I created a character for myself to play I would feel much more comfortable with a big camera in front of me. I named this character ‘Vee’ and well, I guess it stuck.

 The Specs

  • Rainbow Knit Shirt- Stop N’ Shop (West Seattle Senior Center Thrift Store)
  • Vintage Orange Handbag- The Red Hat Longview, WA
  • Turquoise Leggings-  Ballard Goodwill, Seattle
  • Blonde Wig- (new) Goodwill Renton, WA

Featured Thrift Store

I love The Red Hat! I started shopping here in high school and 14 years later they are still going strong. Whenever I’m passing through Longview I try to stop in. It’s a highly organized and clean thrift store with really great stuff for your closet and your home. Best of all, it’s run entirely by volunteers so that all proceeds go directly to support Emergency Support Shelter & Parents Place in Longview. When I was a mental health case manager in Longview I would often refer clients to Parents Place where they could attend parenting classes and support groups and receive other resources to help them be a better parent. I love knowing that I’m supporting these services when shopping at The Red Hat!

Photo by the amazing Nate Watters

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