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‘Party Dress’ featuring Bon Voyage Vintage in Seattle

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Here I am a year ago. It was my 30th Birthday. (Oh how I wish I had full body shot of that fab dress I wore!) Today marks 31 for me. Personally, the past year of my life was really quite amazing and I feel very, very blessed/lucky/brave. It was off to a great start with a super fun Golden Karaoke 30th Birthday Bash. Below are further highlights (not in chronological order nor order of importance).

  • I started this blog.
  • I thrifted, a lot.
  • I performed on stage for the first time in 12 years (formally in The Vagina Monologues and less formally in a work talent show performing the Phantom of Opera Lip Sync/Dance Choreography with my co-worker.)
  • I spent my first Christmas in Montana, snow and all.
  • I completed the Eurotrip I had been planning for 2 years, traveling to Iceland, Amsterdam and Germany. Amazing!
  • I completed 6 out of 7 seasons of 30 Rock. OMG, I LOVE THAT SHOW! I’m starting season 7 right now!
  • I traveled to Tennessee for a family reunion. There were over 50 of us there and many of us were involved in the Fleming Family Musical Jamboree that my Uncle organized.  SO much fun!
  • I got a promotion at work.
  • I completed physical therapy for my recurring back issue and actually have kept up with my exercises pretty regularly. (Health and fitness is important, friends.)
  • I celebrated many milestones of friends and family including the birth of my adorable God son and my brother’s successful Kickstarter campaign! So proud <3
  • And (BEST for last) I got engaged to the most amazing person in the whole wide world <3

31 has some big shoes to fill.

The Specs

  • 80’s Party Dress-  Bon Voyage Vintage in Pioneer Square, Seattle
  • Gaudy Gold Necklace-  University Temple Thrift Store U-District Seattle

Featured Thrift Shop

I love that I work in the same neighborhood as Bon Voyage Vintage!  I try to stop in every month or so to scope out the rad new inventory. They truly have a great selection for both guys and gals, fair prices (for a vintage shop downtown), and the shop owner is super sweet!

Photos by Nate Watters (via a remote-powered PhotoBooth he set up for my par-tay!)

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