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‘Inspirational Green Dress’ featuring Dumpster Values in Olympia, WA

Virginia FrancesComment

We are well into November and all I can say is, where the heck did the time go?! Ya know how your parents always said, “Time just goes by so fast” and in the moment all your 11-year-old self could think about was playing wiffle ball outside for what seemed like eternity. Well, mom and dad, I get it now. Even without children in the picture, my weeks just zoom by. At this age, it’s easy to get caught up in daily routine, to let work suck all our energy, to become complacent and binge-watch reruns of The Office, to let life just sort of happen to us rather than making life happen. I’ve found that I must make a conscious daily effort to break the cycle of the mundane, to mix things up, to challenge myself, to continue to learn, to grow, and to have some freaking fun already!

A few things I have found inspiring over the last few weeks:

  • Stephen King’s Memoir ‘On Writing’
  • New York City (although I do believe that time in Manhattan goes by at 10x the speed of most other places)
  • Gloria Steinem- I had the privilege of seeing her live at Beneroya Hall in all her 82 years of wisdom and brilliance. When asked by two adorable pre-teens how to know if you're doing what you're meant to be doing in life, Gloria responded..
Do the thing that makes you forget about time.
— Gloria Steinem

What’s inspired you lately?

 The Specs

  • Vintage Green Dress- Dumpster Values in Olympia
  • Belt- Goodwill in Ballard, Seattle
  • Shoes- Not Thrifted. Remember what I said on September 18thIf you are going to splurge on one thing you wear, be it shoes. Well, I meant it.

Featured Thrift Shop

I love Olympia. It’s the perfect stopover between Seattle and Portland and there are some really fun places to explore. Dumpster Values is a must! They have a large selection of vintage clothes for men, women, children and everyone in between. They also have nice big fitting rooms,  a vinyl record collection, a larger-than-most vintage shoe selection, and right next door is my all-time favorite by-the-slice pizza joint, Old School Pizzeria! I would also recommend walking a few blocks over to Archibald Sisters where they make custom fragrances. There’s much more to see in Oly, so check it out and maybe even find something that inspires you :)

Photo by Pete Templin. (Thanks Pete!)

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