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For the Love of Handmade

Virginia FrancesComment

When perusing thrift store (or yard sale) racks, I consider myself extra lucky when I come across something that is vintage and handmade***. The thought of wearing a piece of someone’s handy work from generation’s past is just really….awesome. It makes me nostalgic for a time in which I never even lived yet in wearing the garment I somehow feel connected to the past and long for those simpler times in my own present life.

This Labor Day weekend, I spent time doing my own handy craft. I really don’t make time for this often enough in my adulthood. In my teens I would sew my prom dresses and make funky tote bags and pillow cases. I would ‘Mod Podge’ my Doc Marten boots and paint my high heels different colors. I would envision something and then put that vision to action with my very own hands. No smartphones or computers necessary.

So, this past weekend was highly therapeutic for me. The first day we made plum jam and canned it. (It was my first time canning, and it really wasn’t hard to do.) The next day I experimented with staining recycled glass (in preparation for my wedding). The next day I dyed several pieces of clothing using the Rit dye stove top method. (I created my own colors by mixing various shades. Both the orange and the turquoise turned out so beautifully. It’s like I have new clothes!) It was one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had in a long time!  And I went to bed each night feeling so accomplished! This, I need more of. I think we all do.

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*** If you haven’t seen the ‘Pattern Behavior’ Tumblr yet, do yourself a solid and check it out right NOW!

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