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‘Choices’ Featuring Lifelong Aids Alliance Thrift Store in Seattle

Virginia FrancesComment

Sometimes making even the smallest decisions are extremely hard for me. What should I wear today? Should I order the Kale and ‘Blah Blah Blah’ Enchiladas or the greasy and delicious Fried Pork Tacos? Shall I watch another stupid episode of Girls or actually go to bed on time so I’m not running around like a crazy lady in the morning? Oh, adulthood. Seriously though, at the age of 30 a woman has a lot of important choices to make.  Do I challenge the status quo in the decision-making at work, or just keep my damn mouth shut? Should we buy a house or be free spirited renters? Do I want to be a mother? If so, when? Then there are those day-to-day choices in how we live our lives and practice our values in contributing to the greater good.

I firmly believe that even the little decisions we make can, over time, make a big difference; like thrifting. Shopping at thrift stores that are connected to non-profits is an easy way to invest in our communities. If I’m going to spend money to support my fashion addiction, why not also support the Organizations who are working tirelessly to make the world a better place? Call me a hopeful do-gooder, but if we all just shifted some of our spending habits from large corporations and invested in the smaller, the local, the sustainable (like our local thrift shops) we might just start to make an impact.  It doesn’t hurt to try, now does it?

So, Thrift. Try not to stress too, too much about your future. Enjoy life and have some freaking fun already!

 The Specs

United Colors of Benetton Wool Orange Jumper- Lifelong Aids Alliance Thrift Store
Turquoise Leggings- Ballard Goodwill, Seattle
Frye Boots- Buffalo Exchange in Ballard, Seattle

Featured Thrift Shop

This might just be my favorite thrift store in Seattle! And I’m not the only one that thinks so- Lifelong Thrift Store was recently voted the Best Seattle Thrift Store by the Seattle Weekly ‘Best of Seattle’ reader’s poll!

And that’s not all the excitement: On July 7th they celebrated their grand opening in their beautiful new location on Broadway (where the Red Light used to be. R.I.P.) which has TWO FLOORS of great second-hand finds.

This amazing thrift store supports the amazing work of Lifelong Aid’s Alliance, who provides food, housing, and health services to people living with chronic illnesses, including HIV and AIDS.

Go shop now and support this great mission!

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