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Polka Dots & Stripes Forever


Normally I’d attempt to write something more thoughtful or profound but the last week and a half has been a whirlwind. Here’s a short summary. 1. Road trip to Montana!! 2. My partner, Nathan, and I got engaged!! He totally surprised me and it was just the sweetest most beautiful thing ever.** 2. I interviewed for a new job which would be a promotion and an all-around awesome opportunity. I should know any minute if I got the job and the wait is sort of driving me crazy. 3.  Nathan and his friend rode their bike from Seattle to Portland. My friend and I were the ‘support car’ meeting them half way in Centralia and then again at the finish line in Portland the next day. It was super fun and sort of exhausting (mostly exhausting for the daring bike riders!) Due to all these things I’ve been momentarily pre-occupied. The outfit featured this week was originally posted on Have You Nerd. Let’s just call it an oldie but a goodie.

 The Specs

  • Orange and White Polka Dot Pleated Skirt- Value Village, Vancouver, WA
  • Black and White Striped Blazer- Ballard Goodwill, Seattle, WA
  • Blonde Wig- (new) Goodwill Renton, WA

**Stay tuned next week for what will forever be known as “the engagement outfit”.

Photo by the amazing Nate Watters.

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