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‘Summer Pant Suit’ featuring Crossroads & a little love story


Here’s a thrifting tip for you: when your closet is so full that you can barely squeeze another hanger on the rack, it’s time to do some trading in. I come across this problem at least twice a year and this means a bi-annual visit to either Crossroads Trading or Buffalo Exchange. They can be a bit choosy for what they will buy or trade from you so I recommend looking on their website where they list the current items they are looking for. I actually made over $90 in cash once from selling trendy hipster clothes which I had found at Goodwill Outlet for dirt cheap and then re-sold to both Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange. Success! The 'Summer Pant Suit' above I got for trading in some of my old clothes at Crossroads Trading Capitol Hill, Seattle. What a great way to recycle!

Say WHAT?!

So, this is the outfit I was wearing when I thought I was participating in a photo shoot for this blog but it was really just a ploy for the most sweetest marriage proposal ever. I was totally surprised (and a little shocked). I still can’t believe I didn’t see it coming; after 7 years with someone you tend to know their every move. (Well played, Nate Watters.)  I’m so very happy to say that I will be marrying my most favorite person in this whole wide world next Summer. I am one lucky lady! And he’s one lucky dude :) Lucky we found each other!!! (awwwwwww)

Photos by the most amazing Nate Watters <3

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