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‘Typical Spring Work Day’ featuring The Wildlife Thrift Store Vancouver, B.C.


Thirteen months ago, I started a real ‘big girl’ job. I work in a tall building, I ride two sets of elevators up to my floor with men nearly twice my age wearing well-ironed slacks and neckties. At first I wasn’t sure if I could hang. I was weary of what I might have to give up to fit in. My first few weeks I dressed the part. I spent way too much time thinking about what to wear to work each day and what it would ‘say’ about me. “Do I look old enough to be qualified for this job?” “Do I look smart?” “Respectable?” “Do I look good without looking too good that someone my question the ability of my brain?” “Wait, do I even look like Virginia right now?” etc. etc. These are the thoughts you internalize as a thirty year old woman who is damn smart and damn qualified but fully aware of being overlooked as a female. All that is to say that 13 months later, all is well. Great, in fact**. I work with some amazing (and fashionable) people who make me feel right at home. I do fit in. I am respected and listened to. And I can totally be myself, a more professional ‘adult’ version of myself, but hey that’s part of growing up :)

 The Specs

  • A-line Striped Sweater- Wildlife Thrift Store, Downtown Vancouver B.C.
  • American Apparel Long Black Tee- Goodwill, Northwest Portland
  • Dark Denim Jeans- Ballard Goodwill, Seattle
  • ‘Warrior’ Necklace- Dearborn Goodwill, Seattle

Featured Thrift Shop

If you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, B.C. and will be downtown, I highly recommend stopping by The Wildlife Thrift Store. The place is huge and is full of thrifty finds for everyone. They are a tad pricey but you can still find good bargains. The place was pretty well-organized, had two large dressing rooms with full length mirrors, and you can easily find a mix of modern fashion as well as fun vintage finds. The guy at the counter was super nice (isn’t every Canadian?!) and even threw in a free CD with my purchase (Robyn’s*** debut album from 1997). Proceeds support Coast Mental Health, Vancouver Rape Relief, Positive Living Society of British Columbia, and Gathering Place Community Centre so you can feel good about spending a few extra dollars here. Of course, the U.S. exchange rate as I’m writing this is 1 U.S. dollar to $1.25 Canadian, so hurry up and shop, eh!

** Except yesterday when I introduced myself to some guy I never met before and he said “Oh, you must be the intern?!”

***This is the second post in a row I mentioned Robyn <3

Photo by the amazing Nate Watters

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