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‘Summer Workwear’ featuring Longview Goodwill


Dresses with pockets pretty much win every time. What more is there to say, really? Except that it’s been so hot in Seattle and dresses/skirts are really the only thing workin’ for me lately**

 The Specs

Featured Thrift Shop

Next time you’re driving along Interstate 5 between Seattle and Portland and are looking for a good thrift-stop along the way I recommend exiting the freeway at Longview, Washington. The historic downtown area on Commerce avenue is full of thrift stores ranging from straight up junk stores to higher end antiques and everything in between. The Longview Goodwill is located on 14th avenue just a few blocks from ‘thrift row’. Whenever I’m in town visiting my parents (who live in the next small town south) I MUST stop at the ‘g-dub’.*** I don’t know what it is about this particular Goodwill but I have found so many great things here over the years. Like all other Goodwills, they have much more than clothing. And like many other Goodwills, they get a lot of the leftover stuff from Target that apparently didn’t sell; the dress I’m wearing above still had the Target tags when I bought it. I feel great about shopping at Goodwill because the money goes directly to support low-income people in gaining employment through job placement, career training and educational services.

**If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I was wearing this dress in the photo I posted with me and the Mayor of Seattle. Proof that I actually did wear it to work!

***I also usually stop at Country Folks Deli for lunch. They have GREAT sandwiches and THE BEST chocolate milk.

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