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Summer Accessories featuring Pioneer Thrift


I’m a firm believer in accessories: jewelry, scarves, hats, bags, glasses, heck- even a wig has a use at times. Accessories can totally make the outfit.  Lately, I’ve found myself most obsessed with pretty little things. Mostly because little things take up less space (lord knows my closet is jammed to the max) and there’s something very satisfying with finding a small and unique treasure in the mix of a thrift store that is often over-saturated with shear ‘stuff’.

The Specs

  • Coach Bag- Pioneer Thrift, Seattle
  • Doone & Burke Wallet- West Seattle Senior Center Thrift Store, Seattle
  • Vintage ‘France & Hammer’ Necklace**- Pioneer Thrift, Seattle
  • Watch- Lake City Value Village, Seattle
  • Green Polka Dot Neck Scarf- Pioneer Thrift, Seattle
  • Gumball Pin- Pioneer Thrift, Seattle
  • Ultra Hip Sun Shades- Fremont Sunday Flea Market, Seattle
  • Blonde Wig- (new in package) Dearborn Goodwill, Seattle

Featured Thrift Shop

Pioneer Thrift is located in Pioneer Square, Seattle. My work is close enough so I can power walk on my lunch break and have enough time for a quick browse. I ALWAYS find something here (many more posts to come, I’m sure). Pioneer Thrift has really great prices and all proceeds benefit Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) who provides shelter to over 7,000 homeless men and women annually. They are an integral part of helping the most vulnerable members of our community so you can feel good about spending your money on some new-to-you finds. Pro Tip: Pioneer Thrift does not have a dressing room, so if your shopping for clothes be sure to wear something you can try clothing on over/under.

**I traveled to France in the Spring 2012. It was everything I had imagined and I sooooo want to go back there just as soon as I’ve got some new places out of the way. In Paris there was a super rad thrift shop I visited and I wrote a blog post about it for Have You Nerd shortly after. You can check that out here if you’re so inclined! 

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