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‘Tie Tuesday’ featuring 5th Avenue Boutique in Seattle


A few months ago two of my co-workers and I started ‘Tie Tuesday’ at work. Ties are just a great accessory, aren’t they?! And I’m totally a fan of gender bending! This Tuesday trend is growing in popularity on the 56th floor (our boss even participated a few weeks ago). Here is one outfit inspired by this.

The Specs

  • Yellow ‘Smarty Pants’ Tie- Goodwill Outlet near University of Memphis, TN
  • Vintage Sci-fi paperbacks- Goodwill Outlet, Seattle
  • Taupe ‘Business Smock’- Dearborn Goodwill, Seattle
  • Target brand Green Tights- Goodwill, Longview WA
  • Vintage Italian Blue Suede Buckle Loafers- 5th Avenue Boutique Seattle

Featured Thrift Shop

I work downtown Seattle. On my lunch break I go on power walks (usually to the beat of Robyn or Beyoncé) and I window shop** along the way. One of the places downtown I do actually stop to browse the racks is 5th Avenue Boutique located in the basement of the YWCA.  I stop in about twice a month and let me assure you, every time I go in I find so many beautiful items that I end up having to put half of them back just to ensure I have lunch money for the week. This place is super clean, very well organized and features higher end women’s fashion aimed for professional work dress and an occasional night on the town. While a bit pricier then other second-hand clothing stores you’ll likely find this season’s latest J Crew trends for less than half the price. The best part about shopping here is that proceeds support the YWCA’s clothing services programs, including Dress for Success Seattle and Working Wardrobe two programs that support low-income and homeless women in Seattle. Women supporting women, hell to the yes!

**Side note: Luly Yang is one of my fav display of windows to walk by. I once broke the window shopping barrier and walked inside to try on a dress I’d been eyeing for weeks from the 4th avenue sidewalk. It totally looked like something Betty Draper would wear to a garden party…or just lying around the house…. and it was GORGEOUS. “Why the heck not?!” I said to myself as I waltzed in feeling so fabulously sure of myself. After getting the royal customer service treatment by the overly friendly blonde woman working there I learned that the most beautiful dress ever to hang on my body was $5,500.00! “I’ll think about it,” I said ever so nonchalantly. Since then, I’ve stuck to drooling outside those windows. I digress.

Photos by the amazing Nate Watters

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