Vee Vintage

Curated vintage goods & style inspirations to brighten your world.


1. Personal style is far greater than fly by night fashion. 

2. We have one life to live, so live it fully and dress like you mean it.

3. We can and do make a difference in this world. Do not doubt that the way we shop and the way we dress can be a small part of that positive change.

4. All gender identities and all body types deserve to feel confident and fabulous in whatever we wear. 

5.  Having fun is the most important thing. Always.

6. And in the words of the great Orson Welles.....

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want, and not giving a damn."


The beauty of wearing vintage is that you have 70+ years of fashion to choose from. You can pull from the best of each era (and leave behind the god-awful ones). Any great designer of today is gathering inspiration from the past. You can too! Mixing and matching from different decades is a great way to experiment and create a style that is truly yours and not just a cookie-cutter look of this season's trends.

Vintage clothes are of higher quality and ethics than today's fast fashion. The material and workmanship used before the big boom of global corporate manufacturing is far superior to anything you'll find at a big box store. Back in the day, clothes were built to last, and they have. While a 1950s dress still wears beautifully today, there's a pile of last year's trends making their way to a landfill near you because they were made to be worn for one season and then disposed of. This is no good for the environment and no good for your budget. 

Vintage clothes were made at a time when american society, and the american political system, valued factory workers and believed in fair wages and good working conditions. Inside many vintage clothes you will see a labor union tag designating the worker's union representing the very person who created the garment for you. This tag is a symbol of humanity and you will be hard pressed to find such a tag in anything made today. Most of today's mainstream clothes are made overseas in the most horrific working conditions, paying people barely enough to eat for the day- quite the contrast from just a few decades ago. 

Think globally, act locally. Where you shop and what you buy can make an impact. Wearing vintage is a statement about style as much as it is a statement about values.